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All active members of FBA receive all product updates free of charge. Any time an update is performed you will receive an alert with instructions on your FBA dashboard.


The FBA University environment promotes networking and JV relationships. Take advantage of the power of combining resources though our share program.

Anywhere Access

FBA University is hosted in the cloud so that means you can access your vital training modules from any mobile device anywhere in the world.

The FBA Audit

Get an automated 185 point inspection of your fitness business. We grade you and show you where you are strong and where you need to improve. Imagine 100% efficiency when engaging in business improvement projects.

ALIEN Training Archives

As an FBA member you will receive access to more than 60 hours of outside-the-box exercise programs you can swipe and deploy in your fitness business.

Underground Fitness Formula

As an FBA member you will receive access to the archives of our first worldwide coaching program - Over 100 hours of instructional business videos by FBA founder Brian Devlin.

Check Out Our Classroom!

Take a quick tour of FBA university. Watch the video and see how effective this platform really is.

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