FBA Features What can FBA do for your fitness business?

Project Planning

Using our built in worker database and job board you can find bottlenecks, create training, post jobs, interview candidates and manage projects all from one place.

Value Delivery

Create, store and deliver branded assessments, FMS screens, workouts, meal plans, surveys, certificates, coupons, cardio programs, videos, instructions and more!

Facebook Friendly

Sync your customer list with Facebook so you can deliver all of the above right to your client and prospect Facebook timelines and in-boxes.

Smart Messages

Our platform allows you to create interactive canned messages and load them into your relationship cannon. Simply choose the customer from your list and fire endless messages via email or Facebook. Get unlimited message capability complete with data merges for personalization.

Smart Tracking

We help you track everything from financials and key performance indicators to leads, referrals, testimonials, consults, trials, customers, communications and more. It's all on your smart dashboard.

Marketing Calendar

Now you can create and store unlimited marketing campaigns and measure ROI. Our system allows you to store your campaigns and add them to your calendar. We also help you ask all the proper questions to generate simple and complex campaigns that get sales.

Got 3 Minutes?

See our 3 minute demonstration showing what FBA can do for your business. Remember we are mobile friendly and simple to operate.

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    We Train You

    FBA university quickly takes you through the set up and integration process in a fun, simple and friendly online group environment.

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    We Hold You Accountable

    FBA University shows you step-by-step how to triple retention and referrals in 60 days using FBA. We answer every question and provide daily support and training.

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    We Help You Automate

    As you become more and more integrated and your retention and referral rates soar, you may want to take a step back from your business and automate the processes. We help you do that.

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    We Guarantee Your Success

    Your success is our success and we guarantee you 3X your retention and referral numbers in the first year. We also offer a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with your results.

Try Us Risk Free