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Monday, August 05, 2013


Your programming is bar none the most important part of your fitness business.


Lets face it without KILLER programming your boot camp and personal

training business would fail to launch.


So What really makes KILLER programming?


In short, about 8 elements need to be in place.


Here is your checklist…


Is your programming?:


 1. Fun--- Would you want to do it?

 2. Challenging--- Will they have to practice to get it right?

 3. Multi-Planar--- Does it engage all 3 skeletal planes?

 4. Multi-Joint--- Do the movements involve multiple joints acting together?

 5. Plyometric--- Are they attempting to leave the ground while training?

 6. Propreoceptive---Do your workouts challenge balance and stability?

 7. Metabolic--- Are they operating in all 3 energy systems?

 8. Multi-Contractual--- Do they engage the muscles in all 3 ways? 

    (concentric, eccentric, isometric)


Would you like a tool that will generate 1000's of unique workouts you can use

in your camps and sessions or even send to your clients?


What if they came complete with instructions and videos?


Watch the above video showing our Workout Generator in action.


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