Try The Name Game. It Works!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Try The Name Game. It Works!


Text: We recently ran this campaign at Synergy Fitness with great results. Watch the video below and download the swipe copy and deploy this campaign for the next 26 days without bombarding your customers with unwanted emails that do not apply to them!



Tools Needed:

 • Customer List

 • FBA Membership or email service that segments your list


Swipe Copy:

We are doing something fun at Synergy this month!


Every day we are going to honor one letter

of the alphabet and give everyone who's name 

starts with that letter a special gift just to say

thank you. 


Today we are honoring the letter "A".


Your name starts with "A" and we are going

to GIVE you 30 minutes of massage for free.

(1 hour massage for half price ($40)


All you have to do is text "I'm In" to 

8439010133 and we will call you back

to schedule your appointment.


Treat yourself today! Your name starts

with "A".


Its gotta be today because tomorrow will be

"B" day and you will have lost your chance

to redeem your gift.


(you just have to schedule today not actually come in for massage)


Thanks Again!


More Options:

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