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Monday, August 05, 2013



An accepted source of expert information or advice


Value + Goodwill + Expert Positioning = Massive Authority.


Here is a simple formula... 


Step 1: Understand what your client really needs


 a. To be understood

 b. To be cared for and treated like a priority

 c. To be given a clear path so a predictable end result

 d. To be supplied with the proper tools and information needed to reach an end result


Step 2: Give them what they need.


The above will show you just how easy creating massive authority can be.


Video notes:


Understand what a client needs:

Example: To Lose 10 lbs


Provide Clear Path: 




 1. Train hard 3 days a week

 2. Reduce calories by 400 per day for 30 days and in specific macronutrient ratios.


Supply Them With The Tools


 1. Our Workouts at our facility

 2. Our Branded Meal Plans


To Be Cared For and Treated Like a Priority


 1. Deliver with a personal message

 2. Follow up and ask questions

 3. Be there to provide answers and support.


Its easy with FBA!


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