Build Your Brand By Starting With A Customer Flow Model.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Using A series of free tools you can build a ROCK SOLID 

customer flow model.


Using FBA you can Upload Your Customer Flow Model to 

your personal Training Library so you can quickly and 

effectively establish expectation and accountability 

amongst the members of your fitness team.


Even if you are just a solo trainer right now you probably won't 

forever so now more than ever you should be focusing on creating

an awesome and predictable customer experience.


This is what will help you establish you KILLER BRAND.


Watch this free video showing our manager establish

expectation and brand awareness with our team of

trainers using the FBA Training Library


Then do it for yourself in 3 easy steps.


Step 1:


Create a 5 to 7 step customer process that you would like

every customer of your brand to follow. Then put it on paper

in an outline format with easy to follow bullet points.


Step 2:


Create a free account at

and screencast yourself explaining the process in vivid detail.


Cover all major categories of the process and explain each 

bullet point.


When you are finished and satisfied with your recording

save it to your desktop as an .mp4 file. (easy and simple)


Step 3:


Log into your training library and press "Create Training".

Give your training a title and upload the video from your desktop.


Next upload the PDF or word doc you created your video from.


Next write a few sentences about what you want your team

to do once they have watched the training and downloaded 

the PDF.


Save under category "Branding and Identity"


Thats it!


You are done!


Now your brand skeleton is saved forever in your training library.


You can update it and change anything at anytime.


This library integrates with all your messaging features in FBA

simply create a message and attach your training.


Here is what it will look like.


Except it will be branded with your logo and your company info.



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